The World Genius Directory-2016 was recently honoured by an Indian Entry after Aishwarya Trivedi has secured a place among the top brains in the world. The 23-year-old Indian entry is included in the World Genius Directory – 2016 (WGD) from Asia region with an IQ recorded at 150. The eldest child of an architect mother and ex-naval father, she is among the Who’s Who of the high IQ world and falls in the range of just 2% of the global population with very high intelligence.

Aishwarya Trivedi, who graduated in architecture from a college in Vadodara, Gujarat is currently pursuing further studies on Construction Project Management at the New York University in the US.

According to the achiever, she would like to help build better sustainable cities to aid in solving the climate change conundrum and find answers to the question of livability in future cities.  Accepting the award, she said, “The platform given to me as the WGD Asian Ambassador Genius of the Year 2016 is a glorious opportunity! Although, it is a matter of pride and joy at the moment, I do not want to get complacent. As a profound ambassador of genius, I would like to start my own foundation of IQ geniuses around the world with responsibilities to propagate this gift to those under privileged ones. I will help make the society of geniuses comfortable in their own community where they can share their ideas and knowledge and bring about prolific results in their respective field of expertise”.

She first joined the hi-IQ community Mensa India, then went a step ahead and was included in the WGD.    The WGD was created by Dr Jason Betts, and his famed for rigorous IQ tests.


by Ashwani Srivastava

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