Spunky newcomer Ruhi Singh talks to our Bollywood maven Jyoti Venkatesh about how she bagged the coveted role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s latest film CALENDAR GIRLS. 

Did you have to struggle to get your big break with Calendar Girls ?

Not really. The word struggle irritates me a lot because life is full of ups and downs. So I don’t know what struggle is all about. I just know that there were many battles that I have fought and eventually it’s all about winning a war and not battle.  My motto is to never give up and I really enjoy doing that.


Which were the battles that you had to fight ?

Along with a professional life you have a personal life as well and you have a family.  Being a single girl in Mumbai I miss my parents a lot. There is homesickness and sometimes some audition doesn’t go well and in some competition you do not win. That is when you want your parents to be with you. Initially I auditioned for 2 to 3 ads. Everybody does that. I was fortunate to sign up with my agency. I love beauty pageants. I love being on stage. When I was a child I use to participate in all the competitions whether it was dance or poetry.  I love the feeling of having the spotlight on me.


How did you bag Madhur’s project ?

He saw my documentary film WORLD BEFORE HER and had the character sketches of his 5 girls in his mind. He is a perfectionist. He knows his characters. He is not someone who will cast a person and make him act like a caricature.  Madhur was very chilled out.  I think I was the third to be cast.  I play Mayuri Chouhan from Rohtak.  I got a call from his office, He met and told me nice things about my film WORLD BEFORE HER. I never expected that he will offer me his film.  I got a call again and they said they are starting your acting classes from now.  I was done with the look test the next day after our meet.


Describe your role in Calendar Girls ?

I play a calendar girl called Mayuri Chavan, who is full of spunk.  I could relate myself.  I think I have played myself.  She hails from a small town just like me, but does not restrict herself from dreaming big just like me again.  She wants to be a inspiration.  She shares a good bond with her father.  The film is about how my life changes after I become a calendar girl.


Have you signed any other film ?

I have completed my second film ISHQ FOREVER by Shabbir Boxwala.  It has Nadeem- Shrawan’s music. I play the protagonist of the film. The movie is about a girl and her quest for freedom. I have been cast opposite a new boy called Krishna Chaturvedi.  I got to dance a lot.  Vishnu Deva is our choreographer.  He is a perfectionist.  I used to think I am a good dancer.  But then after dancing with him I felt I was just ok.  There was a moment I cried, when I could not do a particular step for 3 hours.  When I saw the song I had tears in my eyes.  I was grateful to Vishnu Deva for making me work so hard.  I haven’t seen myself look so good.


How comfortable were you when you were asked to wear a bikini ?

I think I am most comfortable in a bikini and it is not only now, its always been like that.  I have always loved to travel.  I have seen the world except for few continents.  I have lot of friends and I love beaches. I remember I had this friend who was from Greece – she was beautiful with most amazing body.  I started working out.  This friend of mine made me fall in love with my feminist side of me.  I was always a tomboy.  For me swimsuits were never a glamour, it was a basic thing you need to wear.  I love scuba diving. I have always been a water baby.


Name the directors you want to work with ?

Rohit Shetty, Imitiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap , Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra.


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