The actor who is excited about her role in One Night Stand tells in an exclusive interview that she is not interested in making her way to Hollywood

What is One Night Stand all about?

The film is about how a one night stand between a boy and a girl affects their lives a lot. The film basically is about how the society tends to have double standards in the sense that when a man indulges in a one night stand, he is called a stud and when a woman does the same, she is dubbed a slut. It is a good film touching on gender inequality.

Is yours a performance-oriented role?

To me acting is about being silly if you have to be silly and being loud if your role needs you to be loud. I know some people spend a lot of time getting into the skin of the role. I guess I am not like that. I do not
necessarily take home the character that I play. Mentally I listen to what my director says and try to be in sync with what he or she says. This film is a more serious space for me.

What message does your film drive home?

The message is why a woman is criticised when she does something but a man isn’t. It is not restricted to just India. It happens in all parts of the world. If the movie sets people thinking and discussing about this. I think half our battle will be won, because the film does not just entertain but also drives home a pertiment message.

How would you evaluate your growth as an actress?

I was quite raw in the beginning and it took me quite some time to come to terms with my acting. You learn as time passes. I do not have a God father or a mentor or someone guiding me. I go by feelings. If I like the script, I am game to do a role. Some movies that I did crashed like The Titanic. You learn from every film that you do.

Which are your forthcoming films?

After One Night Stand which is slated for release on May 13 this year, my next film to be released will be Rajeev Chowdhary’s Beimaan Love. Every film has to take its own course. I am shooting for Shah Rukh Khan’s film Raees too, in which I have a special dance appearance. Though on the first day though I was very nervous, I feel very proud. I have worked my butt off to prove myself by working extra hard.

Interview by: Jyothi Venkatesh

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