It goes without gainsaying that ‘money’ seems to be what governs our lives today. Handing a kid a ten rupee note might well inspire the child to study harder, and handing a thousand rupee note to the wifey may probably be a good incentive for her to dish up a more delectable dinner for you! Well, jokes apart, money, or the lack of it, does seem to matter more and more in our lives, so let us look at this important aspect from the point of vaastu in our column this month.

On a serious note, money does play an active and important role in our lives. From establishing a business from scratch, to investing in share markets and for plethora of other motives, money is the sole requirement our lives revolve around. This is the reason that many an empty pocket hurts a lot more and automatically closes the doors to various successful ventures people would have undertaken but were unable to due to lack of money in their hands.
Vaastu principles are accurate and revolve around the presence of energies. Vaastu can predict fairly accurately the reasons behind money scarcity within a house, firm or an organization.

There are instances when suddenly financial condition goes bad despite the fact that it was excellent once. It is not a matter of superstition, but rather quite a scientific analysis banking on facts and figures! Your business might be performing awesomely well, and you yourselves are noticing the incoming money. But when other overhead expenses are calculated, nothing is left in your hands. Well, the reason behind this phenomenon might be the fact that rays within your home are not able to circulate in a proper way. It is a proven fact that the proper placement of energies can help you in attracting money even from an unexpected project!

Vaastu Shahstra can help impeccably in this delivering you a handsome money flow all year round. All you are required to do is to change things around and set in place certain alternatives so that the energy within the premises turns positive and favourable for money inflow.

Here is what you can do:

  • a. Lord Kuber resides in the North. So North should be powerful, and any fault within this area would directly impact the flow of money.
  • b. East is known as the direction of the Sun, which is the ultimate source of energy. Closing this zone or blocking it via construction of any structure will lead in loss of physical energy. If any family member is not warm enough and lacks energy from within to work, money won’t come either.
  • c. North-East is a very sensitive zone. This is the direction responsible for most of the troubles. Any disturbance, noise or irregularity in your plot in the North-East direction would lead you into big money trouble, losses and goodwill deficit.
  • d. North-East should not have sources of negative energies like washrooms and store-rooms. This will interfere with money flow and would ultimately lead to losses.
  • e. North-East is the head of ‘vaastu purush.’ Dosha in this direction is detrimental to good financial health. Any Multilevel construction in this direction would also restricting growth.
  • f. If the North-East direction of your house or premises is prone to any such weakness, it is highly recommended that you make use of Feng Shui to attempt making that area a little more active.
  • Vaastu Dosha can be of various types. You might be working very hard and giving your best to your venture, but your client is not getting impressed. This is also a type of Vaastu Dosha that will need a consultation with a vaastu vidwan well in time to avoid any other harmful effects. And as we said earlier, money is an important part of our life, and if by certain changes and amendments to our lifestyle we are able to maintain an appreciable flow of it, nothing is like it, no?

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