Proud India is a home for numerous overseas Indians whose roots and ancestry can be traced back here. Many millions of them are settled abroad in good positions or are running profitable businesses in their adopted countries. While that is so, here in India too many many millions more of aspiring Indians are keenly searching for opportunities to move out of India and get into international business and trade. As these matters are also impacted in large part by destiny and the influence of planets, Fengshui and Vaastu can play a vital role in bringing luck to your sides. With this year now fast drawing to an end, we felt it is now an opportune time to redefine your goals and chart plans for the coming year. Whether you use affirmations, flowcharts, a vision board or organiser, or just simply spell them out in one sentence, it will be powerful enough to resonate them within you. So we bring you a bouquet of tips to guide you in this exercise of yours.

Obstacles often come in our way but we generally take them in our stride. Equally often, we dismiss them and do not look at what could be causing them due to our own actions or inactions. We often hear things like, “We are not getting the Visa”, “Things are taking time for a final confir – mation” or “orders have been rejected, production is low”, “We are incurring financial losses in overseas business”, “We have a failure of planning” etc. We our – selves might be a reason for such setbacks and Vaastu can play a major role in ameliorating all of these things. PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL & BUSINESS CIRCLE HELPS BOOST PRODUCTION The role of Vaastu is not merely confined to our house, it may be harnessed for personal benefits as well. It is a well- known fact that a good, progressive social and business circle helps boost business considerably. Moreover being a respectful figure in the society in itself is a matter of great pride and happiness. The Sun is the master of all the planets and that is the reason East is considered the source of all energy. It is thus necessary to make it effective and powerful with the help of Vaastu for utmost satisfaction and benefits. If anyone opts for establishing toilets in this zone then it results in reduced selfconfidence of that person and his views and opinions too are overlooked and disregarded at the workplace.

Needless to say, social life plays a key role in deciding the success of your business. The more social you are and the more social connects you possess would directly or indirectly bring more leads for your business. So why not to give a solid head start to your business this 2015 ? Vaastu and Fengshui can directly help you in this. The correct placement of Fengshui gadgets, and the best use of directions per Vaastu, can help you bring more social connects and boost your business. Having social presence not only boosts your business but also helps in fetching the respect and gratitude you always long for. Sometimes we are giving proper inputs to our business but it doesn’t perform the way it should. This might be due to the negative vibes that are attracting negative energy and hindering your performance. Vaastu corrects the energy zones and circulates the best positive energy in the environ – ment near you. PLANNING WITH MIND & SOURCES, ACTION WITH VAASTU We will all surely agree to the fact that optimism is the key to survival, but in order give something a best kickstart we need to put in some extra efforts. It is indeed well said that “well begun is almost half done.” If your new year starts well, then it will end well for sure. You should begin planning to accomplish your goal and make your life more prosperous now. You can plan for a more successful, stressfree and harmonious life that can both support and energize you and the people you work or live with. Or one may wish to add one or more zeros to his/her annual income. A goal, some dedication, lots of hard work and smart actions with a small favour from luck is all that you need to make these wishes come true. SAY YES TO POSITIVITY If you want to fulfil your goals and aspirations, you might require a stroke of luck. For this you may consider the use of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of placement. The word Feng Shui is an amalgamation of two Chinese words ‘feng’ and ‘shui’ that literally means ‘wind’ and ‘water’ respectively. The chi (energy) produced from this art flows through the medium of wind and water across nature and the universe. Chi needs not to be impeded but balanced so that all negative energies surrounding you may get offset from your path and replaced with the positive ones. Live a life of immense pleasure getting ultimate success in business, peace of mind and unbelievable profits in your work by following the teachings of Fengshui. SUPPORT FROM FOREIGN LANDS & BANKS The NW zone is believed to be a zone of support from lenders. For the people of our nation and all over the world, it is vital to manage this zone accurately as per the norms of Vaastu and Fengshui. Moreover, if you want your business to be more fruitful and profitable, then you might need to harness luck and for that you have consider the use of Fengshui. Bringing even small changes into our working environment can change our lives completely. Vaastu and Fengshui are no magic, they are totally grounded in logic and science. The main theme of these arts is mapping how different energies work for us, and how the mere presence of invisible magnetic fields of negative and positive energies can affect our lives. Just like our body parts placed perfectly, there are various things on our home and working environment which when replaced or misplaced from their positions, can imbalance our life and invite problems as well. HOW TO USE YOUR SKILLS FOR IMPRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT Most people, especially our young generations today, face confusion in their work and in areas like what to choose or what to do or what should be time management for the concerned work. In this 21st century we say that time is money, but we are still wasting time in over-thinking about such things. It is not that these things cannot be managed. Its only that we are not managing and controlling them properly. The SW zone controls all our skills and management power. Though numbers 1 and 9 in our date of birth play a big role, we can still try to make our luck better via ‘Karma Shakti’. For this, you just have to place a mountain picture on the SW wall present in this zone. Place a red flower in the SE zone, and replace all dirty items like dustbin, etc. with clean and clear items of red and pink colour. Hang a beautiful picture of a running White Horse in NW direction for getting support from other countries. To make long-lasting connections globally, you must keep a crystal globe in your office or at your home in the NW zone. Turn this globe 3 times a day and things will surely energize in this direction. Remember, any torn and extended corner in the NW zone of your home and workplace can bring trouble. Furthermore, your colleagues will not support you or you may face a fight in your office. There are chances that you may face loan-related and other banking issues or you may suffer from breathing problems. Paint this NW zone in pure white colour. In this way, use 2015 as a year to globalise your networking and take benefits from other geographies in a systematic way

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