Cremation of the dead is fast becoming the hottest trend in the US now, as more and more people take to this form of last rites. With the Catholic Church, which in 1960s had adopted a hard line against cremation for its faithful becoming more tolerant on such issues, the percentage of the dead being Cremated is on the rise in the US. Every year in America, 2.5 million people die. In 2011, 42% were cremated. That is double the rate of what was just 15 years ago.
Reasons for this trend are: Burials are expensive and burial grounds are getting difficult to find. Cremation costs 1/3rd or even less compared to a burial. What to do with the Ashes is a big question that people have now. And many options have come up to deal with it like scattering in the ocean, or burying it, or putting it in an urn at home, etc.

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