An Air India flight AI 121 to Frankfurt that took off from Delhi three weeks ago had to return three hours later as all four toilets on the aircraft were found clogged. With two meals, an evening snack and unlimited supply of beverages awaiting the 214 passengers on board, completing the over eight hour-long journey without a toilet was not an option for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And passengers could not board another aircraft since night curfew in Frankfurt would have kicked in by the time the alternative plane reached there. While the incident raised questions on AI’s maintenance, offi cials recalled horror tales of fl yers flushing anything from pillows to socks down the toilet. Some months ago, an ultralong Boeing 777 New York-Delhi fl ight was faced with an identical problem, an AI offi cial said. Th e pilots first wanted to divert to London but Heathrow was closed for the night. Th en somehow one toilet became serviceable and passengers decided to fly to Delhi, with crew and some passengers rationing the use of the toilet for passengers. The real horror was discovered when the toilets were serviced in Delhi. Everything made available to passengers for free was found fl ushed down the toilet, another official said. Dozens of small blankets and pillows, items in overnight pouches such as socks, slippers and towels were fl ushed down.

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