Every other day we get to hear from other parents like us or people close to us of defiant teens or pre-teens, whose thinking is at cross-purposes to that of ours. So it is not uncommon today that parents are not just worried about the current behaviour of their children, but also have begun to think in terms of what is likely to happen if things continue to escalate and the rifts become unbridgeable. While raising kids was never an easy thing, today’s pushes and pulls of a highly competitive world has seemingly made things worse. Parents sometime notice that their children are not showing appropriate interest in their education, play, sports and/or other extra-curricular activities.

Sometimes, the behaviour of stressed and defiant children escalates to a point where even physical force lurks just under the surface in face-offs with parents … fists clenched, red-faced and even menacing. This is one line a child should never be forced to cross. If such a face-off comes to pass, it is high time parents reach forward to their children, and make an attempt to understand their mental condition well.

Bringing up children in todays complex urban social milieu is not easy for parents. The strains and stresses of a dog-eat-dog world is such a huge pressure on both parents and children alike that peer-pressure and familial links pull like opposing forces on the mental well-being of children and adults alike, irritating them to the extent of anger, resulting in bouts of temper every now and then. Left without remedial steps to correct this, relationships might become bruised and irrepairable over time. But what sort of remedy? There are many remedies that may be embarked upon, but in this issue, we will deal with maintaining the flow of Feng Shui energy within the household in a proper way so that it creates positive effects on your child.

Under such circumstances, you need wisdom, prosperity, and definitely serenity to successfully hand-hold your children from childhood to adulthood. Feng Shui and children go hand in hand, as the little ones need encouragement in all of the life elements as well. This will benefit young minds and hearts to start out life with a healthy dose of harmony. Parents have found success with Feng Shui in aiding their children with sleeping issues, health concerns, and educational obstacles, by arranging, or rather, rearranging their homes and bedrooms to reflect the ancient philosophy as a good start to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous life’s road for their children.
Some tips on how to enhance your child’s mental harmony and performance in life through Vaastu and Feng Shui:

As the crunch of exams days near, it is suggested that children should study in the direction favourable to them according to their birth date, to outshine in studies.

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