We featured Pankaj Saxena, NRI entrepreneur who has proved to himself that steadfast determination can be a key to achieving one’s dreams in another feature in this issue. As mentioned in that piece, our editorial team had two sittings with him, one in Dubai, and once again in Gurgaon, India. In this short feature meant to complement our earlier one, we bring you some more aspects from Pankaj’s worldview and entrepreneurial outlook, once again in his own words …

Musings of a Serial Entrepreneur:

… Today, when I look back into the past, I realize the long and ardent journey that I have undertaken over the last so many years. The lessons I have learnt is that it is important for one to first have a dream, believe in that dream and in oneself, develop a clear plan and focus, and be committed and sincere all through the journey. And my journey still continues …

“It was in 1981 that I started my professional career with the Modi Group. Being my first job in the private sector, it gave me insights into the real corporate world and motivated me to aim higher while being a learner all the while. This learning experience also inspired me not to restrict myself to what was assigned to me but to reach out for greater heights and strive to be a successful entrepreneur.

“This dream came true in 1986 when I incorporated my own company “The VENUS GROUP,” with a vision of providing professional services to financial institutions and investors in the areas of merchant banking, financial markets and corporate structuring. I knew all along that it would be a herculean task to build the organization, yet I was aware of the huge potential that existed in this sector. If I could build an organization with the highest standards of integrity, I knew that the clientele would always come to our doorsteps. This has been my mantra of doing business ever since. One of the qualities that have helped me is my ability to choose the right people, empower them and inspire them to reach greater heights. We were a member of Delhi Stock Exchange and one of the most trusted and aggressive members in the Fraternity.

“The liberalization Policies of 1991 opened up various sectors. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and in 1993 I diversified into the real estate sector. I take pride in stating that we are the pioneers of professional real estate services in India and provide services ranging from land accumulation to licences and approvals for turnkey projects to sales and marketing of the projects. We have been associated with various landmark projects in North India and enjoy a good reputation for our successful deliveries.

“Expat Indians have always looked for reliable channel to invest in India. To enable this, I established my offices in Malaysia, USA, UK and Canada. Our global offices now also provide opportunities and solutions for Cross Border Investments. Whilst we continued to guide reputed developers from India to procure projects in other countries, we have also facilitated entry of a large number of companies and FDIs to invest in India.

“The Venus Group and I have over the years built deep rooted and enduring relationships with individuals, institutions and governments globally. I realize that the world is becoming one large global village where no man is an island. We need to use our competencies and networking abilities to help foster better understanding and co-operation in various fields amongst countries. Those of us, who are part of the developing world, need to co-ordinate better amongst our countries so that we can all individually and as nations, evolve to the next level.”

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