Modi on Thursday July 7th 2016 at quarter to midnight tied his seat belts for Africa to talk on issues of energy, food security, trade, and maritime cooperation and Diaspora interactions and to strengthen his bonds with the African nations.

He is the first PM in 34 years of time to have visited Mozambique. The last time any of the Indian heads of state visited Africa was way back in 1983 when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited that country. Modi can be seen competent enough to steer the ship across to different heights no matter how rough the sea may be.

Africa being the reservoir on energy, natural gases and resources in the 21st century has great scope of turning friends with all the economically emerging nations. Indian PM too in his strategies to strengthen bonds with Africa and sign various MOU’s and pacts on cultural, social, agricultural et al issues has flown off to Africa for a five day four nation visit whereby he will be visiting Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Modi’s visit to Africa can be seen as a diplomatic outreach to visit parts of Africa.

As per Modi, “Africa is a strong partner to India and their friendship is based on mutual respect and assistance”.

Modi’s first stop was Mozambique where he received a warm ceremonial welcome to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Indian Prime Minister inked deal with the Mozambique head to commit India to buy pulses from Mozambique. Another agreement on prevention of drug trafficking was seen to be testimony of their determination to overcome this menace. Deal on fast track agricultural cooperation is another step forward to revitalize the African economy.

Modi also visited Maulana Science and Technology Park and Centre for Innovation and Technological Development in Mozambique where he interacted with the students. He also came face to face with the Indian Diaspora.

His visit will provide opportunities to build close contacts at the highest political level and enhance mutual cooperation and understanding on major issues of common interest. For the reason that Indian Ocean connects both the nations PM also spoke about the emerging security issues and condemned the terrorists attack on Bangladesh.

From there he headed for South Africa.

On day two of his visit to Africa,  Modi reached South Africa, here while addressing the Indian Diaspora he claimed that India would achieve 8% growth in the coming years. For the Indian diaspora who intend to invest and trade in India, the country is one of the brightest spot in global economy and land of inevitable opportunities. Where the world is facing an economic trauma, India has managed to register a remarkable growth of 7.5% this year.

He emphasized India’s growth as HOPE: Harmony, Opportunity, Potential and Energy. The South Africa has backed Indias’ entry into NSG for which Modi showered words of thanks.

The experts are viewing his visit to South Africa as another chance to kick start India’s next round of talks in its campaign for NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group) membership. Talks on security concerns with China were also a major issue.

India has pulled 9.4 billion trade with South Africa which was the lowest in the past 6 years was discussed at a major business forum.

During Modi’s trip, however, the emphasis will be on the positives—not least in the hope that these might help alleviate some of the problems.


By Kanishka

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