It is a time when we are ushering out the old year and ushering in the new year, the dawn of which is just about to break. Every dawn brings with it the message that the spell of darkness is over, and the time has come for a new initiation. The New Year’s dawn unfolds with this euphoric feeling of newness, inspiration and enthusiasm, urging us to discover and do something which has not yet been done before. And that mood is more than enough to start a celebration, isn’t it?

Most people begin their celebrations by setting new goals for themselves on New year’s day. Now, this might be a goal for adding a few more zeros to their annual turnovers or salaries, finding their love/life partners, buying a new house or car, getting a promotion, a new job and so on and so forth. It is fine to set goals and deadlines to get them, but the right execution is most important, without which you may not achieve the desired result. Proper planning, a good and appropriate beginning, and hard work are essential ingredients for this, but why not get the favor of lady luck as well? It would really do wonders! You could charm lady luck into smiling at you by following the Vaastu and Feng Shui tips given here:

a. Make a priority-wise list of your goals and set-out a deadline for each of them. Your goals should be solid and measurable so that you may evaluate them after a certain time period, and chart course-corrections if needed after some time.

b. A written format is desirable as it attracts universal energy and takes you into an “achieving mode” from “desiring mode”. But do not use a phone, tab or a computer, instead write them by hand in your personal diary. You can even list them out on a piece of paper and pin it to the wall of your room, office or study table, or any other place where you can see it daily.

c. Start with one specific goal. Write down the goal on a triangular paper and fold it 9 times and keep in your purse or bag. Every day take that paper in your hand and recall the wish 9 times, repeat the process for 49 days. We all know we can certainly multitask, but amazingly accurate results can be achieved if you focus in one direction or on one aspect at a time.

d. Your main entrance ought to be able to welcome opportunities and channelize them to you. For this, the entrance should be made according to Vaastu and Feng-shui principles, so that chi energy welcomes all the opportunities into your life.

e. Feng shui says that the energy levels inside and outside the house play a vital role in determining your success. To enhance the chi (energy) of your house you may place some fengshui gadgets to achieve your goals. If your focus is on money, then your wealth zone should be equipped with feng shui gadgets like fengshui coins which attracts money in life, bamboo tree which brings growth in adverse situations or if you are willing to strengthen your love bonding you must place a pair of love birds, mandarian duck and mystic knot symbol in your bedroom and placing a laughing buddha in the drawing room, which can bring smiles and happiness in your family environs.

f Colors play vital role in balancing energy. You must paint your home/office as per your need and to know the colours most favourable to you, you may seek help from a professional vaastu-fengshui consultant.

g. You must have heard the expression ‘walk the walk’ or ‘walk the talk’. You are advised to act as if you already are what you want to be. And by this the positive energy will surround you and attract positive outcomes in your life. Especially if you are a job seeker or struggling in your career, this feng shui formula can do some real wonders for you. Even the clothing you ought to wear for an interview can be worked upon. It is wise to know your personal favorable color and wear that. Red is good for many social and business situations, but it represents a fiery personality and that’s not something employers look for in a candidate. Wearing darker colors for a management position like blues indicate a person of power and authority. Lighter colors — grays, tans and creams — are good for a supporting role, because they can indicate a person who is willing to work hard. “If the job involves communication, consider wearing blues; if it involves making quick decisions, then wear red; if it’s financial, consider wearing charcoal.”

h. To improve chi energy in your surrounding you may place feng shui Ba-gua outside your door. To improve the chi energy inside your home or office you can choose the colors for walls and furnishing as per the feng shui element. Every color represents one or other feng shui basic element i.e., water, air, fire, metal and wood. To attract the opportunities a balance is a must in all the five basic elements.

i. If you are going to appear for an interview, take deep breaths prior to the interview where you can visualize breathing in white natural sunlight that burns up all of your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions then converts into black smoke that you release upon exhale.

j. Office plants: golden photos, areca palm and Dracaena Jenny Craig can be installed in office and home areas. These three plants are air purifying and tolerate low levels of light, it works wonders for the office. Put crystal under the sand (flower pot) so that nobody can look at it, but make sure that it is installed in your wealth zone.

k. Display photos of your idol/role model whose career and professions are the same or similar to what you want to adopt. For eg. If you want to be a writer then maybe place a photo of Premchand, or one of your favourite author on the north wall of your room. it will enthuse you to follow his path.

l. Find out your Kua No. and activate your personal direction for success. If you are planning to settle abroad and are looking out for a job in lands abroad then try in a suitable vaastu direction as per your sunshine as it can be more fruitful.

m. Fenghsui dragon and horse can be kept in the office for stability and confidence. If a person starts a proprietorship business alone then he should place a single horse image in his office and an image with 7, 9 and 12 horses is favourable for a company that is involved in foreign business, marketing or team work. It helps them in developing their name and brand. White horse should be placed in west and golden in east and red should be placed in south direction.

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