This October is special for us in more ways than one. On the one hand it earmarks the end of one full year of intense work that has gone into making this magazine, NRI Achievers, which is now in its Anniversary Edition, a much liked one that has found a place on newstands across the country, and in the homes, offices, clubs and other life-spaces of our readers in India & abroad. It has also succeeded in finding a niche, a room to live, in the hearts of many a reader. On the other hand, it also earmarks the beginning of another such year, as we bring you the Inaugural Edition of a companion volume to NRI Achievers, namely, the Indian Achievers.

While conceptually similar, IA will have the prediliction to look inwards rather than outwards, focus upon the talent, acumen, expertise and innovation available in the homeland, while at the same time providing a vessel, a medium through which Diaspora news and achievements may be channelised to a domestic readership, just as India news and achievements may be channelised to the Diaspora.This October, we at NRI Achievers take a look at the burgeoning realty sector,and carry a special feature on it in our ‘Cover’ segment, as the ‘sector-in-focus.’in a country of India’s size, this sector is simply too large to be able to cover in one go, so we have chosen to do so in parts, rather than in one omnibus fashion,so as to do some justice to the variety and diversity in this sector. So we start with this edition, where we focus upon the real estate in and around the NCR/NCT (the National Capital Region, comprising Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida; and the National Capital Territory, comprising a 200-kilometre radius around the national capital).

We have also added to this kitty an article on real estate in East Africa, and a couple of analytic pieces on the outlook for real estate that hold good for the entire country. And so we bring the tentative ‘first-part’ of this cover feature, with a promise that more regions and geographies will be featured in issues t o come.Apart from this, we are ushering in a new introduction, like regular column on ‘vastu’, that will fulfil a long-standing demand from a section of our readers.Several of our regular sections that will provide you with interesting glimpses from various walks of life, like news from the worlds of ‘business, sports, and cinema’, ‘heritage and architecture’,’metaphysical musings,’ and yes, our ubiquitous ‘travelogue’ that you have so come to enjoy, are all very much there for your reading pleasure. ‘Heritage’ this journeys to Pune, to provide insights into the ‘Agha Khan Palace,’ which during the freedom struggle served as a prison that incarcerated Mahatma Gandhi.

The special column on ‘real estate’ that you are familiar with, will apropos be merged this time with the cover story, while other sections like “Silver Screen,’ etc., are all very much there for your reading pleasure. It is our fervent hope that this month, you will not only enjoy reading this evolving mix of content in NRI Achievers, but will also savour the freshness and desi flavour of your e-copy of Indian Achievers. And just as ever, we always welcome your comments and observations. So do not hesitate to use our ‘feedback’ platform to express your wishes and opinions, and tell us what else you would like to see featured in your magazines.

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