A total of 1.4 million Indians traveled to the US on various visas last year, of whom over 30,000 overstayed in the country, according to an annual official report on departures and overstays. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) submitted the report on foreign visitors who entered the US on various visas, including business, tourists, students and visitors exchange as non-immigrant visitors, to the Congress. The report covers about 96 percent of the total non-immigrant visitors. As per the report, more than 50 million non-immigrants were expected to depart from the US in 2016. Of these, 739,478 overstayed their admission, resulting in a total overstay rate of 1.47 percent. Of the more than 739,000 overstays, DHS said 628,799 were suspected “in-country” overstays, meaning there is no record of these foreign nationals leaving the US. The rest left the country after the expiry of their lawful admission period, which is called out-of-country overstay.

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