An Indian-American legal luminary Amul Thapar, 47, has been nominated by the US President Donald Trump to a key judicial position on the powerful US court of appeals. If confirmed by the Senate, the Indian-American legal luminary will be part of the powerful US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan. He is the first Indian-American to have been nominated by the US President Trump for the top judicial post.

Judge Thapar is known for his “tough on criminals” approach to the justice system, and has stated that the judicial system does not punish repeat offenders harshly enough. The South Asian Bar Association of North America (SABA) which is normally critical of Trump has lauded Trump for his intent. “Despite being among the youngest judges in the federal judiciary, Judge Thapar quickly established a reputation as a top legal scholar among his peers. His nomination furthers SABA’s mission of ensuring a judiciary that reflects the diversity of our country and we anticipate that his eminent qualifications will earn him a swift confirmation,” said Vichal Kumar, SABA president.

The son of Indian-American immigrants, Judge Thapar has served on the District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.  With his 2008, nomination by President George W. Bush and subsequent confirmation and appointment, Judge Thapar became the Nation’s first Article III judge of South Asian descent.   He also served on the Terrorism and National Security subcommittee, the Violent Crime subcommittee, and Child Exploitation working group. He has received his BS from Boston College in 1991 and his JD from the University of California, Berkeley.

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