The 21st of June 2015 marked the first ever “International Day of Yoga,” which was celebrated across the globe – from Almaty to Rome to Mexico to manila and Colombo, from Bangkok to New York to Tel Aviv to Paris, kabul, Peking and New Delhi, as 192 countries joined in for a mass yoga session to mark the United Nations declared International Yoga Day. India, the original UN petitioner for an International Yoga Day to be created, saw millions across its vast subcontinental mass take to the open for ‘Yogabyas.’ NRI Achievers brings to you evokating pictures from across the world which depict the enthusiasm with which citizens of myriad countries bent it with India to celebrate Yoga …


Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, who was instrumental in championing the cause of Yoga at the United Nations and getting the homily of nations to co-sponsor an International Yoga Day, joined thousands of people on Rajpath, the iconic thoroughfare leading from Raisina Hill to India Gate, which represents the nerve centre of power in Delhi – to take part in a massive yoga session on the day.  While one does not normally expect to see world leaders getting down on all fours and perform yoga in public, let alone in a mass yoga class that draws observers from the Guinness World Records people, Modi did just that after he inaugurated the keynote day of Yoga.  “Who would have thought that we would turn Rajpath into Yogpath,” mused Modi that day.

Numerous Ambassadors of various countries also marked attendance on Yoga day, amidst a sea of colourful yoga mats – made, by the way, in China – stretching out all along the mall to number anywhere between 35,000 to 37,000.  The day also saw the release of a commemorative coin and a new Indian stamp, which will help mark the first International Yoga Day, celebrated from Ankor Wat to Time Square, for thouse who want to latch on to that memory.

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