All over the world we find that more than business problems we have people problems. When we take care of our people problems, most of our business problems are automatically resolved.

Whenever a person says, “I cannot do”, he is really saying two things.

  1. Either I don’t know how to do it – which is a technical training / education issue


  1. I don’t want to do it – in this case he is really saying two things again
  2. Either: I don’t care to do it- that’s an attitude issue


  1. I feel strongly enough not to do it- which may be a values issue.

Some ingredients of success are:

“If there was one thing that would make your organization more productive what would that be?”

Pretty much everyone came out with one word “ATTITUDE”. They said if our people have a better attitude we would have better teamwork, quality and our bottom line would go up.

How come under the same set of circumstances some people break records while others break themselves?

The most important word in the English language is Attitude. There was a study conducted by Harvard University which found that 85% of the time a person gets a job or promotion because of their attitude. 15% is because of the facts and figures they know. Almost a 100% of education dollars all over the world go to teach facts and figures and this accounts for only15% of success.

     ladder is leaning against the wrong building.

There are customer service and selling skills programme that teach, “How to say,

please, thank you and smile”. The big question that comes is how long we can

keep a fake smile. Besides people can see through people, can’t they? If the

smile is not sincere it is irritating. That means we need to have substance over

form, not form over substance.

What to do,

We take an approach

Why don’t you,

Because we believe most people already know what to do.

If you ask the person on the street they will give you all the right answers. Ask them, are they doing it? Probably not. What’s missing is the MOTIVATION; the big question is, can we motivate people? Absolutely not.

What we can do is, we can inspire people to motivate themselves. Inspiration is thinking whereas motivation is action. I cannot act for you; you have to act for yourselves. When thinking changes it starts reflecting in behavior. This is more lasting, and that’s what people are looking for.

Two major questions come up:

  1. Why do people get de-motivated?
  2. Who or what motivates the motivator?
  1. IT has certainly increased the speed of communication, but unless people know how to and what to communicate, they will only miscommunicate a lot faster. Guess what is the cost of miscommunication faster? It is horrendous.
  2. We find that most people are unable to communicate, not because of a lack of knowledge but lack of confidence.

Have you seen people with egos like,

I know it all,

What do they do?

They talk down to others, don’t they? They put down others. They look down

upon others and every decision they make is more to satisfy ego than make


The question is, why does a human being put down another human being? It is

sadistic but true, there are some people in this world who feel good when the

other person feels bad. They feel superior when others feel inferior.

There is another kind of ego which is the ‘FRAGILE EGO’- where anything you say,

the other person takes it personally and gets hurt.

What do both these egos do to teamwork? – THEY DESTROY IT.

What gives them the feeling of comfort? It is the X factor. How do we build the X

factor? People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you


Why do you go to a doctor or a mechanic 10 miles away by passing 10 other

practitioners on the way? Are they the most qualified? Probably not! But

something says that we are dealing with the right person. What is that

something? It is the trust factor.

It is not problem solving but preempting and preventing.

Profitability is not only money but goodwill too. Profitability is not the reason

why we practice values. If we practice values because of profitability, then we

should go to Hollywood or Bollywood. We practice values not because of

profitability but because we believe in them.

All of the above is only theory unless we have a system to put it in practice. A small good action is better than a great intention.


Author: Shiv Khera        

Author, Educator, Business Consultant & a successful entrepreneur, the writer is a much sought after speaker, who often inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the globe – See more at:



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