After the successful visit of US President, Donald Trump, India welcomed the arrival of Myanmar President U WIN Myint on 26th of this month. Mr. President has come on a four-day visit to enhance bilateral business and relations has come along with his wife Daw Cho Cho.

During his visit, Myanmar has signed 10 crucial agreements ranging from infrastructure to humanitarian assistance.

The MOUs were on prevention of human trafficking, environmental protection, petroleum product cooperation, communications cooperation, health research and four on Rakhine State development. U Win Myint also met with Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind who sent him the invitation according to the statement by the Ministry of Information.  India is the fifth-largest trading partner of Myanmar. Bilateral trade between the two grew 8 percent during 2018-19, and their trade is worth US$1.7 billion. The two sides have also announced the launch of a bus service between Imphal in Manipur and Mandalay in Myanmar from April 7 as part of efforts to improve connectivity and people-to-people contacts. Private operators on both sides have signed an MoU to launch the service. President U Win Myint and his wife also paid respects to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.

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