Being the son of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan isn’t easy for actor Abhishek, who says it is unimaginable for him to achieve the kind of stardom his father has achieved, so he prefers to chart his own course. “I think one must aim for Mars … forget about reaching the Sun. It is not going to happen. One must stay within their limits … He (Amitabh) is the biggest that was, is, and is ever going to be. So don’t aspire to be that because it’s not going to happen. Aspire to be your own man and achieve your own goals,” says Abhishek, whose performance in films such as Yuva (2004), Bunty Aur Babli (2005) and Guru (2007) were highly appreciated. Abhishek says he believes in doing good work and insists that megastars even like his father cannot guarantee a hit if the story is not good enough. “If the film is not good and even if you have Mr Amitabh Bachchan in it, it will not work. I would love to say that (all films that dad does will be hits), it makes for a great copy. But the fact is, if the film is not good, the story is not good, then nobody can save your film. So it is important to choose films properly,” he adds. Big B, having starred in over 180 films in a career spanning more than four decades, continues to hold sway over millions of his fans on the big and small screens. Even at his ripe age, the 71-year-old is one of the busiest actors in Bollywood, thanks to his knack of adapting and reinventing himself in synch to the demands of showbiz.

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