Aman Nath, writer, historian, conservator, antique collector, art curator, archivist, hotelier, pioneer, socialite … Aman is famous for his e orts in bringing back to life the glory of the Neemrana Fort Palace from its woeful near-ruin status, and then going on to renovate and restore many other heritage properties as ‘non-hotels’. NRI Achievers sought […]

Designer Babies… The Art Way ?

Dr. Anoop Kumar Gupta is a Doctor of Medicine (MD), and one of the India’s well known specialists in IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation). Trained in the US during the 1980s in Medicine, and having later served and gained experience in a Paediatric Hospital in Sydney, Australia, he is now the Medical Director and Infertility Specialist at […]

In The Business Of Amusing People

Gian Vijeshwar is a Sweden-based businessman of Indian origin, who is head-honcho of his firm, International Amusement Limited (IAL). He is well-known in the annals of the Indian amusement industry, and is credited with successfully setting-up one of the first amusement parks in India, the famous “Appu Ghar.” Presently the Chairman & MD of IAL […]