Diamond’s future Discussed

CARAT+ concluded its final day of trading on a positive note, with official data indicating a strong debut for the new diamond and diamond-jewellery exclusive trade show.

This year’s three-day CARAT+ diamond exhibition held in Antwerp, the capital of Belgium from May 7 to 9. The expo recorded 2.927 visitors from 29 different countries. Around 116 exhibitors from 14 countries showcased their well crafted diamond jewellery. This exhibition is also known Diamond platform of Professionals.

Speaking during an exclusive presentation on the second day of CARAT+, Jewelry design and trends expert Paola De Luca focused exclusively on diamonds, and more specifically how social changes and new-generation consumers are impacting the sector.

The industry must become to attuned to what is happening in the social networks, she said, for it is there that Millennial consumers indicate product directions, tastes and habits. Also, she added, bridal jewellery is changing, largely because of changing perceptions of partnership and marriage.

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