Get Global This 2015

FENGSHUI & VAASTU CAN BRING PROSPERITY INTO YOUR LIFE Proud India is a home for numerous overseas Indians whose roots and ancestry can be traced back here. Many millions of them are settled abroad in good positions or are running profitable businesses in their adopted countries. While that is so, here in India too many […]


I have just shift ed to a new house, and my daughter is not keeping well ever since. Please suggest some vastu changes which could solve my problem. Anshuman Chhabra, Mumbai, India Th e Layout of your home has a cut in North West direction. Th is is not desirable wrong as per vastu as […]


Q. I am settled in Virginia, USA, for the past 15 years. I now want to open my own insurance company. Please suggest lucky directions and placement of office furniture in order to make this effort a success. A. According to your date of birth and KUA number, an ‘East’ facing office is good for […]


Q: I am an NRI, my parents are from Punjab but I am born and bought up in Canada. I run a Tour & Travel Company but am facing loss for past 10 months. I have sold my cars to lessen the loss but even it did not help as situation is worsening day by […]

Even Minute Changes Can Play A Big Role

It is not necessary that all minute details at home be built or structured according to Vastu or Feng Shui. If there are no major flaws, making even minute changes in the direction of the toilet, bedroom, office, etc., can be quite effective. There are many important factors in Feng Shui which are equally crucial […]

Heavy Construction In North East Stops Financial Growth!

It goes without gainsaying that ‘money’ seems to be what governs our lives today. Handing a kid a ten rupee note might well inspire the child to study harder, and handing a thousand rupee note to the wifey may probably be a good incentive for her to dish up a more delectable dinner for you! […]

Multistory Buildings Are The Ideal Homes

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are investing into property for commercial or residential purpose ? Financial gain, isn’t it ? Would you like to invest in such a property which, in the long or short term, has a lower potential to give you profit ? Of course you […]