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Our Mission

The Indian Diaspora has over the past hundred plus years been making its way to myriad destinations across the globe, wherever opportunity beckoned them. Today, our Diaspora has made a place for themselves as leading lights in many a field of endeavour and domain, be it agriculture, trading, business, law, medicine, education, science and technology, art, culture, media or a number of other sectors.

Over the years the indian Diaspora have also carved a niche for themselves in the host countries they migrated to, in places like the Americas, Europe, Africa, South East Asia or Australia. Many an Indian has earned plaudits for himself and for India in the process. NRI Achievers aims at providing a platform linking these largely unknown Indians in different countries and continents, by featuring Diaspora contributions, achievements and successes.

NRI Achievers also aims to provide rich content in the form of quality information on opportunities that India has to offer, whether entrepreneurial, professional or educational.

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